4-H British Columbia Ambassadors

4-H BC Ambassadors are members aged 16-20, whose role is to promote awareness of 4-H in their region and around the province, as well as act as resource people for 4-H members, leaders and the public. Typical Ambassador duties can include creating displays, preparing and delivering presentations to groups, writing news articles, etc.

Participants attend 1 training session per year (generally over the May long weekend) and participate in up to 3 conference calls. Ambassadors are required to have a leading role in at least 10 different activities in their region during the year. Each Ambassador (there are 20 in the group) stands for a 2-year term.


  • Confident public speaker
  • Knowledgeable about the 4-H program
  • Excellent leadership, communication, and personal development skills
  • High degree of maturity in dealing with a variety of situations
  • Achieved at least three years in 4-H
  • Ambassador annual training program on the May long weekend in Abbotsford is mandatory
For more information or to contact a 4-H British Columbia Ambassador in your region, please contact Sarah van Heeswijk.

4-H British Columbia Ambassadors 2021

Vancouver Island

  • Danae K.

  • Sarah M.

Sarah M Ambassador Bio

  • Jacques J.

Ambassador Jacques J

  • Charlotte Q.

Ambassador Charlotte Q.

Fraser Valley

  • Beck B.

Ambassador Beck

  • Mischa G.

Ambassador Mischa

  • Mac D.

Ambassador Mac


  • Rose T.

Rose T. Ambassador Bio

  • Tavish C.

Tavish C. Ambassador Bio

  • Jalen T.

Ambassador Jalen


  • Shayla S.

Shayla S. Ambassador Bio

Peace River

  • Rheana G.

Rheana G. Ambassador Bio

Central Interior

  • Hannah M.

Hannah M. Ambassador Bio

  • Lexi A.

Lexi A. Ambassador Bio

  • Ella C.

Ella Ambassador

Yellowhead West