4H British Columbia Council

The 4-H British Columbia Provincial Council is a not-for-profit organization governed by a group of individuals comprised of seven 4-H regions,  4-H British Columbia Manager, BC Ministry of Agriculture, 4-H British Columbia Ambassador, BC Youth Advisory Committee Representative.

The Provincial Council, in partnership with the BC Ministry of Agriculture, provides programs and services for BC's youth.

The Provincial Council is the 4-H agency responsible for:

  • Administration and management of the 4-H British Columbia program
  • 4-H promotion
  • Sponsorship and fundraising for the 4-H British Columbia program

4-H British Columbia policy is developed cooperatively by the 4-H Provincial Council, seven 4-H Regional Councils and thirty-one 4-H District Councils.

The BC Ministry of Agriculture, through its Youth Development staff, is responsible for:

  • Providing resources for leadership training
  • 4-H Provincial Program content
  • Development of 4-H publication materials

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4-H British Columbia Provincial Council 2018
Board of Directors

  • Vancouver Island
    Jean Stevens
  • Ambassador
    Hannah Boulton
  • Fraser Valley
    Matt Langelaan
  • BC Ministry of Agriculture
    Sarah van Heeswijk
  • Kamloops-Okanagan
    Debbie Goertzen
  • 4-H British Columbia Manager
    Aleda Welch
  • Kootenays
    Heather Serafini
  • President
    Heather Serafini
  • Peace River
    Christine Taylor
  • Vice President
    Matt Langelaan
  • Central Interior
    Carlene Kerr
  • Past President
    Lorna Kotz
  • Yellowhead West
    Deanna Lambert
  • Youth Advisory Committee
    BC Rep to Canadian 4-H Council
    Sara Kate Smith