4-H Canada and FCC fuelling fun with $100,000 for 4-H clubs

4-H Canada is proud to share the success of its annual FCC 4-H Club Fund, which will see $100,000 in funding distributed to more than 200 4-H clubs, districts, and regions across Canada.

The FCC 4-H Club Fund provides up to $500 in funding per club, district, or region to support initiatives and activities such as developing existing programs, the purchase of resource materials, volunteer supports, or covering costs associated with local events.

“Thanks to FCC, our strong partner of more than 25 years, this fund will once again serve as an important resource for 4-H at the grassroots level, supporting the exciting activities of our 4-H clubs across Canada,” said 4-H Canada CEO, Shannon Benner. “Through support from the FCC 4-H Club Fund, 4-H youth leaders have the opportunity to further their engagement in activities and programming in the areas that they are passionate about, empowering them as engaged and responsible youth who effect positive change not just within their communities, but around the world.” 

The FCC 4-H Club Fund is part of a generous $250,000 commitment by FCC to 4-H in Canada for 2021-2022, providing support not only at the local club level, but also towards the programming and initiatives of 4-H Canada and provincial 4-H organizations.

“Many of our customers and employees have benefited from 4-H programs. Others have seen first-hand the excitement and enthusiasm in the faces of young people participating in these activities,” said Todd Klink, FCC’s chief marketing officer. “Whether or not those who participate in a 4-H club decide to pursue a career in agriculture, these programs provide a toolbox of leadership skills they can carry with them the rest of their lives.” 

To view the list of recipients or for more information on the FCC 4-H Club Fund, visit The next application period for the FCC 4-H Club Fund opens in August 2022.