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Since the 1950s, Holstein Canada has played a role in applauding young adults in their higher educational successes. Each year, Holstein Canada recognizes and awards students who are well rounded in their farm involvement; work experience; youth program involvement; future career choices; and excel in their academic studies. Six (6) successful students from across Canada (one student from the west; two from Ontario; two from Quebec; and one from Atlantic Canada) will be awarded $1,000 each as recognition of their achievements.

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The applicants are judged on the criteria asked, make sure to list all your accomplishments and involvement as it may help the selection in the event of a close decision.

Other accomplishments may influence the selection committee in the event of a close decision. Once the Young Leader Advisory Committee has selected the successful candidates, winners will be notified immediately upon the Committee's decision in December. A general announcement of the winners will be made through a media release and a feature of the winners in the March-April InfoHolstein publication.

Rules for the Education Awards:

  1. Must be a regular or junior member of Holstein Canada, a son/daughter of a member; or a member-farm employee that is supported by their employer;
  2. Must be enrolled and working in at least their first year of university/college (or Cégep in Québec);
  3. Must submit an official, original transcript (faxed and photocopied submissions will not be accepted) and a copy of your resume, including reference letter;
  4. You must submit your video or written essay on the following topic: What impact do you think the young leader program has for Holstein Canada?
  5. You must complete the online application.