Congratulations to our Provincial Communication Finals 2021 Winners!

We would like to thank all of our Provincial Communication Finals 2021 delegates for attending the program this past weekend in Prince George! 

With a weekend packed with tours, fun activities, guest speakers and, of course, the Speeches and Speak & Show competitions, 4-H'ers had a chance to meet in person and spend the weekend at Prince George while learning from the local businesses about diverse BC agriculture.

Each delegate did an outstanding job and made us, their friends and families proud! Our congratulations go to the following winners: 

  1. Veronika P. of Kamloops-Okanagan region
  2. Janel van D. of Vancouver Island region
  3. Amanda M. of Kamloops-Okanagan region


From left to right: Janel van D., Veronika P.

Speak & Shows:
  1. Victoria P. of Fraser Valley region
  2. Emma D. of Fraser Valley region
  3. Sophie J. of Vancouver Island region


 From left to right: Sophie J., Emma D., Victoria P.