COVID-19 Update - March 22

With the Provincial Health Order of March 18th, the Gathering and Events order has been amended as follows:

A person may host, and a person may attend, an event with up to ten people present, including occupants, which is held outside a private residence or vacation accommodation, including on a deck or a patio, if the following conditions are met: 

  • there is sufficient space available to permit every person present to maintain a distance of two metres from one another;

  • the persons present maintain a distance of two metres from one another when standing or sitting, unless they reside together;

  • a person who leaves an event must not be replaced by another person;

  • hand sanitation supplies are readily available

  • no person who is attending the event and who is not an occupant goes inside the private residence or vacation accommodation, except for the purpose of using the washroom facilities.

Do not gather with several groups of new people. Stick to the same people. Continue to use COVID-19 layers of protection and maintain physical distancing.

All restrictions for indoor gatherings remain in place. No indoor gatherings of any size are allowed.

Key principles of the PHO are:

  • 4-H BC is considered a “program for children or youth” providing structure educational activities that are supervised by adults for persons under 22 years of age, but does not include performance or competition activities.

  • Group size must be less than 50 – participating 4-H leaders, screened volunteers, and members only. During an event, a participants who leaves may not be replaced by another participant.

  • Spectators (parents/guardians, guests) may not attend unless the presence of the person is necessary in order to provide care to a child or youth who is a participant, i.e. care for special needs participant or providing first aid.

  • A person may attend an event at a private residence with up to ten people present, which is held outside, if the event does not move into a fully enclosed structure at the place.

  • No person may host an indoors event at a private residence.

  • Outdoor events for groups of more than 10, but less than 50 people present, must be held on Public, community, or commercial properties can be used for events.

  • Physical distancing must be able to be maintained (6 ft or 2 metres between participants)

  • Ensure participants practice good hygiene (frequent hand washing with soap and water and use of hand sanitizers; avoid touching one’s face; respiratory etiquette; disinfect frequently touched surfaces)

  • Face masks must be worn in all indoor public spaces with the following exemptions:

  • People with health conditions or with physical, cognitive or mental impairments who cannot wear one

  • People who cannot remove a mask on their own

  • Children under the age of 12

  • People who need to remove their masks to communicate due to a hearing impairment



Keeping in mind these key principles, 4-H BC club in-person meetings can happen within the following guidelines:

  • A COVID-19 safety plan check list has been submitted to the 4-H BC office

  • Communications competitions, judging rallies, etc. must be done by video

  • Project weigh-ins are to be organized so that only the essential people are in attendance with one project on site at a time

  • District Councils are strongly encourage to meet virtually, however in-person meetings are allowed as long as all COVID-19 protocols are in place

  • The meeting organizer must:

  • Collect the first and last names and telephone number, or email address, of every participant who attends

  • Retain this information for thirty days

  • Destroy the information after thirty days


These requirements will be revisited and updated every time there is a change to the provincial requirements.



Provincial Health Order – Gathering and Events

Mask Mandate Order