Horseback riding Safety

Tips for Safe Horseback Riding

  • Ask permission from your parent before going riding or handling your horse. Make sure your parents know which horse you are handling or riding and where you will be.
  • Don’t run or play around your horses. It can frighten them. Let your horse know you are there by speaking to it when you approach.
  • Wear appropriate clothing when riding.
  • Items that move suddenly can be just as or more problematic than a noise. Know what things are “triggers” to your horse. Some horses can’t stand dogs, bicycles, flags, ball oons, garbage cans, etc. Always be aware of your surroundings as even things that didn’t “spook” your horse yesterday, might tomorrow.
  • Ride in a familiar, safe environment and never ride on the road or trail alone.
  • Make sure your horse is healthy. Always groom your horse before going out. You will notice any potential bumps, scratches or marks which could be harmful to your animal.
  • Always wear a helmet when riding, and ensure there is a second person nearby to be a spotter in case anything was to happen.

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