Louis Larsen

Alumni Lou

Vauhall 4H Club

Louis Larsen - 1941

Showing 1942 Entered Herford Calf Other

Member of Club, Mickelson, Brown

Showing judging was held at Lethbridge Fair Grounds where all clubs competed from Taber, Vauhall, Cardston, Bernwell, Raymond and Lethbridge.

My calf von 2nd price in the competition and I won first prize for showmanship. Vauhall Canada Irrigation C0. Ltd. Gave me $100.00 for the win and 6 months tuition at Olds Agriculture School When my calf was auctioned off, it was not slaughtered.

A rancher bought it for breeding stock, which pleased me very much.

Lou Larson Age - 91

Vintage 4-H Photograph