North Peace 4-H Judging Seminar

On September 23, 2023 we had a district-wide Judging Seminar. Judging is an important aspect of 4-H, as it builds skills in decision making and public speaking. The district was graciously hosted by Fish Creek Farm (Darren and Jenn Snider), and participated in informative presentations from Shelby DeSmet and Angela Briltz on prospective 4-H animals. Members viewed classes of market lambs, market steers, mature cows, and market swine, and got a chance to view many distinctions between animals of different frames and developmental stages. Members enjoyed having detailed explanations in the differences between a female or male prospect animal, being able to share tips with fellow members during the swine presentation, and beef members particularly took interest in learning the terms used for sheep projects. The group also took part in an equipment identification quiz, where three separate teams viewed assortments of tools used in animal production and did their best to name each of the 30 instruments. We concluded the day with a delicious pizza and potluck lunch.

The district would like to extend a huge thank you to Jenn and Darren Snider for hosting the event at their home, Shelby DeSmet and Angela Briltz for sharing their time and wisdom, Hayfever Farms for providing us with the cattle used for the presentation, and all the wonderful leaders who brought the event together. Overall, North Peace 4-H members had a great time and are very excited to begin selecting their project animals with their newfound knowledge!