PNE Educational Display Contest

From August 23 to 27, 4-H members from across British Columbia attended the annual 4-H Festival at the PNE. Due to its location in Vancouver, BC, the PNE offers a unique opportunity for 4-Hers to interact with members of the public who are primarily from urban areas and have minimal knowledge of agriculture and agrifood systems. This year’s Special Educational Display competition was sponsored by Buy BC, a marketing program developed and run by the BC Ministry of Agriculture. The competition was centered around the theme “The Journey of BC Food.” Through the Journey of BC Food, our members had the chance to educate the public on where their food comes from, and the benefits of buying local. The competition also included a seminar for participants to learn more about Buy BC. The seminar began with a presentation on Buy BC’s history and ongoing programming, along with ways that producers and consumers can get connected with the program. The 4-H members were then split into teams to partake in The British Columbia Food Trail, a scavenger hunt involving twelve stations related to BC products. Highlights included trivia on BC’s wild mushrooms, an activity that involved identifying seasonal foods using a Buy BC chart, and a skit featuring information about ranching. The competition came to a close with the presentation of awards at the 4-H Closing Ceremonies. This year’s winners were:






Chloe Braslins

Sophia Hernandez

Emma Davidson


Tyson Thiele

Niessa Arink

Alana Higgins


Audrey Barlow

Carina Calleja

Cedar 4-H Club


Safira Everitt

Emma Dinn

Jean MacAulay


Charley Buckle

Sharleen Arink

Rheanna Konrad


Ava-May Durflinger

Ashley Komish

Naomi Carson


Gibbson Hung

Sarah Dreier

Analia van Kuik


Emme Hung

Kaitlin Buckle

Lily Ahern


Jacklyn Simpson

Mila Dinn

April Marr


Elly von Euw

Shaleene Smith

Clare Douglas


A big thank you goes out to the sponsors that helped support this program – without the support of these sponsors, 4-H members wouldn’t have been given the opportunity to learn about such an important topic for B.C. Agriculture. The sponsors for the 2019competition were: Buy BC, the Pacific National Exhibition, the B.C. Ministry of Agriculture, and 4-H British Columbia.

Congratulations to all of the 4-H members who participated in this program!