Positive Impacts of Agri-Career Quest Expanding Career Education for Youth in Agriculture

4-H travel opportunities are a great way for 4-H youth to engage with others. As the 4-H motto says, “learn to do by doing.” Agri-Career Quest is an excellent 4-H travel opportunity that provides youth with an educational experience not only to connect them to other 4-H’ers but to also expand their knowledge on careers within the broader field of agriculture.

Over the course of a week, youth ages 16-21 will have the opportunity to tour agriculture facilities all over British Columbia. Two recent participants, Lucia and Jaykub, had the great opportunity to attend this event. They traveled to facilities from Abbotsford, Kamloops, Princeton, and everywhere in between.

According to Lucia, they “Toured a variety of facilities from feedlots, to orchards, and artificial insemination operations. All leaving |her| with so many open ideas and opened a whole new can of worms for |her| to explore new Ag career paths in the future.”

Jaykub’s biggest takeaway from the experience was that “besides field work, there are a lot of different agriculture based jobs that [he] was not aware of.” Jaykub learned the importance of jobs that would often get overlooked as agriculture careers, such as bankers and accountants.

Together, Jaykub and Lucia agreed that their most memorable experience was developing friendships that will last a lifetime as they both made new connections through the experience. The trip allowed them to connect with fellow 4-H members and helped develop confidence and perspective on their goals.

This experience has reinforced the idea in Lucia and Jaykub that they want to stay in the field of agriculture and strive to make a positive difference in their community by promoting the outstanding and unique agriculture industry.