Show Your 4-H Colours Day

1. Show Your 4-H Colours  On November 6th, wear green and all that you have that is 4-H and post a photo of yourself to our Facebook and Instagram pages.  Let's Celebrate and let Canada know about 4-H! Use #ShowYour4HColours for all social media. Use #ShowYour4HColours when posting to all social media for these promotions. 

Also on November 6th, 4-H Canada is encouraging all communities to light the night sky green.  Do you have a monument, fountain, bridge etc that is lit at night?  Contact your City office to see if they can change the lights to green for November 6th.  Make sure to take pictures and either send to or post to our social media pages. Use #ShowYour4HColours when posting to all social media for these promotions. 

2. "Get your pens out and get creative for the Show Your 4-H Colours Short Story/Poetry Writing Contest!

Show everyone what 4-H means to you this Show Your 4-H Colours Day through writing! Write about a lesson you've learned through 4-H, one of your favourite 4-H memories, or make up a whole new 4-H plot! The winner will receive an exclusive Show Your 4-H Colours hoodie. Entries will be judged on style, creativity, and how well they represent the values of the 4-H Program. Short stories should be a maximum of 500 words and poems a maximum of 48 lines. Don't miss out on this opportunity to express what 4-H means to you through writing!" All registered 4-H members are eligible to enter.  Entries can be submitted to no later than Friday October 25.

3. Collectable Keepsake Ornament Set  New to 4-H BC are custom suncatcher, 4-H themed ornaments.  Start collecting your 4-H BC ornaments this year!  4-H BC will be releasing a new design to depict each project offered by 4-H BC in the years to come!

4. Give Back  Collect 8800 lbs of food for families in BC.  WE CAN DO IT!!!  This is only 4lbs of Food per each 4-H member.  Donate it to your local Foodbank.  Make sure to weigh it and get a picture of your club donating your mountain of food!  Food Drive will run from November 1, 2019 to November 30, 2019.  Let 4-H BC know how much food your club collected be weight and submit your photo for Social Media purposes. Use #ShowYour4HColours when posting to all social media for these promotions.