Spring Edition 2018

The calendar tells us that it is spring, but if your area of the province is anything like it is here in the Okanagan, we are still waiting for it to arrive! Year two of online enrolment is going much better. Due to a staffing shortage in the office we had to extend the deadline until March 30th, but it is my hope that we will have it all completed by then. Improvements to the system for this year included: Key Leaders and A Leaders having access to reports on registered members and leaders in their club/district, a notification system that will send a renewal reminder email to individual leaders prior to their CRC expiring, plus tools that allow the 4-H office to resolve enrolment issues in a timely manner. With your assistance we need to have all 4-H leaders and members registered online this year. Accurate enrolment numbers are important to ensure that we have enough insurance coverage for all of our members and leaders and that we continue to receive the same level or higher funding through 4-H Canada. A decrease in funding affects our ability to provide programs to our 4-H youth.

If you have questions or comments about this year’s enrolment please direct them to

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