Field to Fork Challenge

Field to Fork Challenge brings together youth and BC Grown Foods. BC youth submitted BC grown recipes for a chance to win $3,200 in prizes. From Hungry Hiker Skillet to Rhubarb Strawberry Pie, entrants created recipes featuring healthy, locally grown ingredients. 20 lucky winners were invited to attend the Field to Fork Challenge virtual conference on November 7, 2020. Virtual conference participants learned about apples, cranberries, and pork through activities, videos, and farmers. Participants had a chance to touch, taste, smell, and feel locally grown, healthy ingredients. Participants cooked BC Kale Caesar Salad with Craisins, BC Bacon Penne Alfredo, and BC Apple Blondie with BCAITC Celebrity Chef Randle.

Field to Fork Challenge 2020 recap video:

Below you can find 24 BC grown recipes from the BCAITC and 4-H British Columbia with yummy ideas for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and in-between! 

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