Youth Action

Youthaction 19

Youth Action is an opportunity for 14-15 year old 4-H members to come together for five days to explore issues important to youth, to learn new self esteem skills and to learn leadership skills while working in groups.

Check back for YOUTH ACTION 2025 

Youth Action offers fun and a chance to make new friends. All participants are expected to plan and carry out a back home plan for their own 4-H club or district upon returning home. Youth Action is offered in odd years (2015, 2017, etc) alternating with Food For Thought.

Find out more about the program in our 4-H BC Program & Opportunities Guide.

Youth Action 2019 Group Photo at TRU

Youth Action 2019 Group Photo, Kamloops, BC

Youth Action 2019 Activity

Youth Action 2019 Activity, Kamloops, BC