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4-H British Columbia Cloverbud members are boys and girls aged 6 - 8 years old. They must have reached their 6th birthday and have not reached their 9th birthday by January 1st. 4-H British Columbia Cloverbud age members are only allowed to be registered in the Cloverbud project and are not eligible to be enrolled in any other 4-H British Columbia projects. The Cloverbud units are very busy with fun filled activities that explore future projects of 4-H. Cloverbuds can choose to enroll in one of the three 4-H British Columbia Cloverbud units.



This project helps members take on a community project, helping them learn about their community through their adopted-grandparent project. There are five units to this project: each unit has slightly different activities they can choose to do with their adopted grandparent in order to achieve.


Junior Leader

This project helps older members develop leadership abilities. Junior leaders share responsibilities with an adult leader in leading a group of younger members or organizing programs. Members enrolling in the Junior Leadership project must be at least thirteen years of age and have a 4-H Junior Proficiency Certificate. The member is to choose, plan, carry out and evaluate a project that will utilize their skills for the benefit of the club.

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Self Deter


An individual or a group of 4-H members may select a project of special interest to them. Such projects could be astronomy, song writing, computers, canoeing, pigeons, or any other interest or hobby. The purpose of this project is to give members the opportunity to pursue their special interest and still remain a member in the club. Resource materials and record books are researched by the members. However, some publications from past projects are available (e.g., bicycle, power toboggan).

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The majority of projects have a Senior Management component.  Click here to learn more about Senior Management.

Senior Projects updated - new videos are now available on our YouTube channel: