Creative Arts Projects


The crafts project gives members an opportunity to express themselves creatively. Basic principles of crafts are studied. Members are required to complete three articles in each unit using a different craft technique for each. The actual project is of their choice and is limited only by imagination.


Members enrolled in the leathercraft project will learn the use of basic leathercraft tools as well as types of leather. Following the learning of simple leather tooling skills, by making such things as coasters and bookmarks, the member may continue by learning to construct key cases and wallets. More experienced members construct articles of their own design. This can also be a good winter project for members in livestock projects.

Photography 2


Photography members learn how to select, care for, and use a camera and to select film. They learn to take attractive, interesting photographs that show good composition, sharp detail and good use of light. 4-H photography offers four units and an area of advanced skills. Members may also choose to learn how to develop their own black and white photos and prepare slide shows.


The 4-H woolcraft project is available to all 4-H members, even if you do not have sheep. The purpose of the project is to teach the skill of quality handwork, promote knowledge of yarn making and to produce a finished project. Members gain an appreciation for the handmade natural craft. Washing, carding, spinning and dyeing wool, as well as felting, weaving, and knitting are skills that members learn.