Pub. # Description Year Open Download
2020 Collectable Keepsake ornaments are now available. Add to your custom suncatcher ornament collection today! 4-H British Columbia Seasonal Ornament Order Form2020OpenDownload
107Get Involved 20182018OpenDownload
1084-H Project Selection Guide 120Kb2018OpenDownload
108BProjects for 20 and 21 Year Olds 20112018OpenDownload
111(A) Starting a 4-H Club2015OpenDownload
111(B)Official 4-H Club Sponsor2015OpenDownload
111(C)Guide For New 4-H Club Leaders2015OpenDownload
111(D)4-H BC Dictionary2015OpenDownload
112Reconnect 2012OpenDownload
129Opportunities Guide and Application Package2021OpenDownload
1354-H Member-Parent Release Form 2018OpenDownload
150BC General Regulations for 4-H Clubs 2018OpenDownload
154(A)Publications Order Form2019OpenDownload
154(B)Awards Order Form2019OpenDownload
1574-H British Columbia Store Catalogue2020OpenDownload
1574-H British Columbia Store Order Form2020OpenDownload
160Structure of the 4-H Program in British Columbia 2020OpenDownload
19254-H BC Parent Handbook2018OpenDownload
66114-H BC Farm & Family Emergency Planning GuideOpenDownload
66124-H BC Club Emergency Planning GuideOpenDownload
6300Cloverbud Brochure2018OpenDownload
Assumption of Risk and Waiver: Coronavirus/COVID-19COVID-19 Waiver - FillableOpenDownload
4-H Inclusion StatementCode of Conduct for 4-H in CanadaOpenDownload
4-H BC COVID-19 Activity Planning Checklist, January 154-H BC COVID-19 Activity Planning ChecklistOpenDownload