Branding Guidelines

Guidelines for the 4-H trademarks

Download The Official 4-H Brand Identity Guide and Embroidery Standards Guide

Correctly reproduced versions of the 4-H trademark, logo, pledge and motto may be used, without prior written permission by non-commercial news media, such as newspapers, periodicals and radio and television programs, when such use is primarily for an educational or informational purpose.

Trademarks may not be used where the sole purpose of the intended usage is the sale, promotion or advertisement of the products or services of any organization, agency or individual.

In order to preserve the continuity or meaning, to engender public awareness and to ensure our registrations retain their good legal standing, any alterations, additions, or deletions to any 4-H trademarks are expressly forbidden.

If you are in the process of creating a logo for your club, it is best practice to use the logo generator from 4-H Canada.  This will easily ensure that you adhere to all guidelines.

For more information on the usage of the 4-H Trademark and 4-H Logo contact the 4-H British Columbia Provincial Council Office.