Incorporated in 1979, the 4-H British Columbia Foundation is a non-profit organization which provides an opportunity for interested individuals, organizations and companies to contribute financially to the 4-H British Columbia program.

Working closely with the 4-H British Columbia Provincial Council which administers the 4-H British Columbia program, the Foundation's key objective is to assist the Council in providing additional 4-H programs over and above those offered through sponsorship by the B.C. Ministry of Agriculture, and other organizations.

Registered as a charitable organization, the 4-H British Columbia Foundation issues receipts eligible for charitable tax credits. A one time or annual donation to the 4-H British Columbia Foundation is invested in perpetuity with the interest put toward new and additional 4-H programs.

4-H BC Foundation Trustees 2020

  • Gordon Bryant

    Chilliwack, BC Contact
  • Doug Haughton

    Vice President
    Knutsford, BC Contact
  • Barry Remus

    Duncan, BC Contact
  • Tony DeGroot

    Chilliwack, BC Contact
  • Lynn Lashuk

    Kelowna, BC Contact
  • Alecia Karapita

    Kamloops, BC Contact
  • Heather Serafini

    Grasmere, BC Contact
  • Aleda Welch

    Vernon, BC Contact
  • Danusia Tarr

    Fund Development Coordinator
    Vernon, BC Contact

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