4-H spells opportunity for everyone.

4-H is:

Young people, parents, and other interested adults working together for the benefit of youth, family, and community.

4-H youth run from the ages of 6 - 21. The 6 - 8 year olds enrol in a program called Cloverbuds. Youth aged 9 - 19 as of January 1st can choose a 4-H project. For members 9 -12 you are considered a junior 4-H member. After you turn 13, you can write your Junior Proficiency Exam, which proves that you are ready to continue in your project as a senior 4-H member. Senior 4-H members are from 13 - 19 and when you are a senior you can apply for many 4-H opportunities, including 4-H conferences and travel. For senior 4-H members who wish to continue in 4-H past the age of 19, a special program has been created for 20 & 21 year olds.

In 4-H projects, each project consists of numerous "units" that a member may take. Some are progressive in nature; others are specific to the animal or skill being learned. The variety of units means there's lots to learn and lots of challenge for both younger and older members. As part of each project, 4-H members keep records of their work throughout the year. Clubs also plan activities such as demonstrations, judging, building educational displays, public speaking, camping, fund-raising or just having fun!

The majority of projects have a Senior Management component.  Click here to learn more about Senior Management.

Senior Projects updated - new videos are now available on our YouTube channel: