Investing in 4-H BC supports quality, innovative and sustainable leadership and life skills programs for youth and volunteers, that benefits the citizens and communities in which we all live. 

4-H in British Columbia began in 1914 and has provided youth leadership and life skills development for over 100 years. 4-H British Columbia provides young people with an opportunity to learn how to become productive, self-assured adults who can make their community and country a better place in which to live. This is fostered through project and program work, experiences with their 4-H club members and leaders and their participation in district, regional and provincial programs.

We rely on the support from the community, the dedication of our volunteers and the generosity of our financial partners. 4-H British Columbia is moving forward and building partnerships that support our mandate to develop the leaders of tomorrow from the youth of today.

4-H BC Provincial Council is a registered Canadian charitable organization, and as such can issues receipts that are eligible for CRA charitable tax credits.


donate securitiesDonate Securities

Donation of publicly traded securities is an extremely effective way for an individual to fulfill their philanthropic goals.  Through the advent of relatively new tax laws over the last several years, a donor can make a gift of publicly traded securities to their chosen charity in kind and receive a receipt for the market value of the shares on the day that they were gifted.  The charity then gets the full benefit of the gift as they can sell the shares at full market value and there is no capital gains tax incurred to the donor.

corporate partnersCorporate Sponsors

Corporate sponsorships provide the opportunity for a mutually beneficial relationship where in exchange for financial or in-kind support, organizations can obtain exclusive marketing and engagement opportunities with the 4-H BC community.

create your own fundraiserCreate Your Own Fundraiser

Peer-to-peer fundraising is a fundraising strategy that empowers individuals to raise money on behalf of a cause via online fundraising pages. This method leverages existing social networks to maximize the impact of a fundraising campaign.